17 July 2009

Mid-Season Review

With the all-star break occuring over the last few days, I am in baseball withdrawal. Allow me to reflect on the first half of the Rangers season:

* They are well ahead of where I expected them to be in the standings
* They are slightly ahead of where I expected them to be in wins (I thought around .500)
* The pitching is, without a doubt, the bright spot in the season:
- Best starting staff in years
- Young guys are getting experience and performing rather well
- Scooter Feldman is a BIG surprise
- The bullpen is above average
- The back end of the bullpen I still question a bit...I don't trust CJ Wilson
- Millwood is in a contract year and you can tell it
* The offense has bright spots, but also has concerns
- Michael Young is Michael Young...you get the same from him every year and that's good
- Nelson Cruz is the real deal
- Ian Kinsler is being exposed...hopefully he adjusts
- I am VERY happy with the contribution of Elvis Andrus
- Hank Blalock thinks he's Babe Ruth and has to start trying to drive the ball not jack it out every time

The problem for me is to keep my focus on the future, not now. All along this team has been built for 2010 and beyond and we have to keep that top of mind. My worst fear is that JD does something REALLY stupid to mortgage the future in hopes of making a real run this year. I can understand the temptation, but PLEASE don't do it like the Rangers have done so many times in the past! I hope Nolan Ryan exerts his influence on any and all personnel moves.

At any rate, let's hope for a run this year with no damage done to the future!


Anonymous said...

BRING BACK CHRIS DAVIS! He was my favorite! (hometown boy)

Thom Creel said...

Unfortunately, he was also only hitting .200 and striking out more than I did as a teen trying to get a date. :-)