26 July 2009

Eva Kate Creel

Ms. Eva has arrived!

I was summonsed home from VBS on Thursday night as Rachael thought it might be time to head to the old horsepital. So, we finally meandered to L&D around 11PM. There was actually much doubt (after an hour of observation) whether we needed to stay or return home as the contractions were 5 minutes apart but not too intense (which, I know, is relative...especially for a man). About 1AM, the decision was made that we were to stay as they wanted to get Rachael started on an antibiotic IV as they thought the baby would probably be born sometime in the afternoon. So, for about a while Rachael and I wandered the halls but were told to be back in the room by 1:40AM for the next check up. By 1:30, the intensity of the contractions was much increased and Rachael told me she had the urge to push (something she didn't remember having with Nolan). So, I was told to go fetch the nurse around 2:15 and have her do the next exam. Needless to say, things had changed FAST and the preparations went into high gear and the good MD showed up in the room within minutes. So, we knew they meant business. Around 2:45 or so the dose of antibiotics had been delivered and the pushing began. At 2:53 Ms. Eva was born.

First, let me say that women that birth children are my heroes. I think I have a high pain tolerance, but I don't think for a minute I could give birth to a child. Rachael chose to give birth naturally and I have to say, she's an absolute trooper!

Second, there is absolutely nothing pretty about the birthing process. Nothing. Yeah, it's miraculous, and yes, it's a very cool experience, but it isn't pretty.

Third, we are in love with Eva! Even Nolan! :-)


7 lbs. 14 ozs.

19.5" long


Dunn But Not Finished said...

Very glad it went quickly! And so glad Ms Eva is here! Can't wait to see her.

Anonymous said...

SHE'S BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to hold her again!

Lyndsey said...

Can't wait to see her. She is adorable!!