04 July 2009

Colin Powell Speaks Out

Colin Powell Skeptical of Obama Spending

Can someone tell me what would make a man that has a history of endorsing smaller government endorse Barack Hussein Obama? It's not like the Obamanation was talking of small government during the campaign as he was clear on his intent to expand government (though, we all are surprised at how fast he's moved us towards socialism). So, should we expect to find some funny business, kick backs, promises of positions, etc. at the bottom of this? Or, is this a case of racism where Powell endorsed him only because of the man's skin color? It's sickening, really.

At any rate, I'm glad Powell is at least speaking out a bit. He's one of the few people that speak out that the state-run media will actually report on. Which brings me to another issue. Has anyone been paying attention to the tight control of the media the Obamanation Administration has enacted? All of those that voted for the Obamanation because they hated Bush and his "tyranny" need to open their eyes to what B. Hussein Obama is doing. It's a ton worse than Bush...and I don't like what Bush was doing either so don't go there. 

I can only pray those that voted for the man for something less than substance (skin color, hatred of Bush, ignorance, party affiliation) open their eyes and see what the Obamanation contributed to the rapid downfall of our country. This administration is an utter disgrace. Let's pray we only have to endure this for 4 years!

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