05 August 2009


Considering my political views, and specifically my voiced opposition to the Obamanation's health care to ruin America plan, I need all that read this post to report me to the White House. Read this link to find out why and how: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/08/05/pr-war-erupts-dems-gop-health-reform/

This is eerily reminiscent of the Hugo Chavez et. al. method of government in which you ask your supporters to report those in opposition in order to censor the opposition. Hugo shut down private media today. When do you suppose the Obamanation will do that? Perhaps the Obamanation read the book Chavez gave him a few months back at the U.N. meeting? Could they be sharing notes?

People, WAKE UP! The Obamanation is going to RUIN everything that is still right about this country! Voice your displeasure in spite of the possibility of being reported! If you don't, we're going to lose all freedom and you won't even have the ability to protest in a short while! Silence is assumed to be acceptance of his fascist ways!

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Jim said...

I'm taking a class about Europe in the post WWII era currently. We were talking today about the creation of welfare states after the war, and it became painfully clear to me the path that we're headed down if Congress doesn't start to listen to the public. While I can't say that history repeats itself, the Europeans sure did leave a nice road map to socialized medicine back in 1945-48.