29 May 2009

Introducing -- Government Motors (GM)


So, let me ask the question of the brilliant Obamanation administration and his cronies in Congress: Did we really need to give billions in aid to General Motors to avoid bankruptcy for a few months? No. So, this bankruptcy filing is, in my mind, the admission of a HUMONGOUS policy mistake by the Obamanation.

All the experts said it was inevitable and the bailout was only going to delay the inevitable. So, is the Obamanation so arrogant to think that he was truly the savior for GM? Or, was he wasting taxpayer money to repay the labor union drones that helped elect him? Or, did he orchestrate the bailout to get his slimy paws on historically private industry? All of the possible answers point toward a man that is incapable of governing.

With this bailout, and the Obamanations guidance through the bankruptcy process, General Motors will now be totally controlled by the government...thus, it's now Government Motors. I, for one, have no plans of ever buying a GM car again as I've seen the inability of government to manage anything. Government has never run anything more efficiently than private industry. One way to make GM profitable is to break the union. The Obamanation will never do this as he needs the union support to back his re-election bid (God help us all). So, it is clear, government is incapable of making GM profitable, making the cars desirable to drive, and improving quality without doing the most horrendous, but most likely, thing: subsidizing. I fully expect the Obamanation to artificially lower the price of GM vehicles by subsidizing with TAXPAYER money to prop up his socialist project of Government Motors.

At a Hollywood fund raiser yesterday, the Obamanation said he'd pit his first four months on the job against any previous President. So would I. Only I would say it's by far the worst four months of any President (auto bailout, humongous debt-ridden budget, worsening of economy, a pitiful and racist Supreme Court nominee, stupid Air Force One stunt, weak-knee approach to N. Korea, weak-knee approach to Iran, a terrible national sales tax proposal on top of income tax that touches all layers of commerce, health care plans that will set healthcare back 50 years, etc.). I'm guessing the Obamanation measures success by how much socialism he's been able to pull over on the general public in such a short time. Makes me want to puke.

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I just realized you had a blog. why didn't you tell me? Love the pic. You are a NUT!