29 March 2009

The Next Step Towards Socialism

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It was inevitable. The Obamanation has fired the first shot across the bow of capitalism. The full war is coming.

GM is firmly entrenched under government control and the first big automaker has been put on life-support. GM will be propped up in this dying industry (Obama has to prop it up because the socialist unions helped elect him). Government management will be far worse than private management as government cannot run the most basic of programs efficiently, much less a for profit enterprise. Yet, the American taxpayer (whom the Obamanation sees as his own personal ATM) will continue to pump money into keeping GM on life-support with no hope of recovery. 

There is more to come.

Amerika, we are getting exactly what we voted for...a socialist president and we've been too ignorant to even see it coming. Gone are the days of personal liberty. Gone are the days of hope. Gone are the days of personal responsibility. It's a sad, sad time...and it's a short step from socialism to communism. I miss America.

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Dunn But Not Finished said...

Sadly, America as we once knew it no longer exists! And a good majority of people don't even realize it. It's too late, even once they do wake up and notice. But, it is part of the last day prophecies. I heard on the radio the other day about talk of a one world currency. All I can say is come quickly Lord Jesus!