10 February 2009

Thoughts on A-Fraud Rodriguez

He's finally been caught. Raise your hands if you are surprised! Didn't think so.

There's no question Alex Rodriguez is one of, if not the most, talented people in all baseball. Why he felt he needed (or needs) steroids is beyond me. I know he said he felt the weight of the world on his shoulders when he signed his record deal with the Texas Rangers, but I'm not buying it. If we are to believe A-Fraud, and we shouldn't based on his past denials of using steroids, he would have us believe that it is all explained by being "young, stupid, and naive." I think the real answer is embedded in other statements he has made in his admission of guilt...he is extremely image conscience and wants to be viewed as the best in the world. Well, Alex, did you ever stop and think as you were signing your 10 year $250 million contract..."hey, I must already be viewed as the best in the world if I was offered this contract?" Or, did the Baseball Antichrist (agent, Scott Boras) have you believing he was the only reason you got that contract?

Regardless, my major problems lie in other statements made in his confessional. He stated, "So I am sorry for my Texas years. I apologize to the fans of Texas. And there's absolutely no excuse, and I really feel bad about it." Listen, dude, the Texas fans are sorry for the Texas years too. We accept your apology for using steroids, but I would like to throw out a few more things we would like apologies for:
* No community involvement while here. OUR PURCHASING OF TICKETS AND MERCHANDISE PAID YOUR SALARY, DUDE! Could you have at least kissed a few local babies and done something for the community? Apparently not, all your charity work went back to your beloved Miami. Fine...but, you made ZERO effort in our community.
* Losing. This one isn't all your fault, but a lot of it is. By all accounts you were elitist and stand-offish in the clubhouse. No amount of testosterone injections can solve that problem.
* Your arrogant attitude.
* Your deragotory comments about the players left behind after your fortuitous trade to the Yankees.
* Using the Baseball Antichrist as your agent
* BREAKING THE LAW. Steroids are illegal.

So, A-Fraud joins the long line of baseball superstars busted for illegal steroid usage. In an era where everyone and every record must be scrutinized, A-Fraud really shouldn't stick out. But, for my money, I'll make him the posterboy for everything that is wrong with baseball today.

For accuracy of my quoting A-Fraud, here is the reference: http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=3895281

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